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Man with disability with his service dog using electric wheelchair..jpg
Man with disability with his service dog using electric wheelchair..jpg
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Mobile Wheelchair Cleaning Specialist

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What we do

Pure Wheelchairs - wheelchair cleaning, is a mobile specialist cleaning service for all kinds of mobility aids and assistive technology. We believe that sitting in a clean chair isn't a treat or only for special occasions.

Every wheelchair user has the right to feel clean and comfortable in their chair, everyday!
We have developed a hospital-grade cleaning method that we can bring to you, making the necessary and difficult task of regularly deep cleaning your mobility aids a stress-free, easy one.

Our Method

Designed specifically for mobility equipment and wheelchair cleaning, we have developed a cleaning method with the help of industry experts.
We use...

  • Italian-made, industry leading, Super-heated Dry Steam Machines with Extraction

  • Hospital-grade, research backed, professional microfibre

  • 100% Isopropyl Alcohol on electronic components

  • A range of natural cleaning products when needed that will soon be available for clients to use at home for safe and easy maintenance in between deep cleans

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Pure Wheelchairs (Facebook Cover) (1).png

Meet the Team

We are passionate about providing you with the highest level of service and have worked hard to be the leaders in mobility equipment hygiene in Australia. 

Kate (left) is the owner of Pure Wheelchairs. A highly skilled specialist cleaner, Kate worked with prams and car seats in her previous business, and is certified as a Trauma and Crime Scene Cleaner through the IICRC. This qualification in forensic cleaning gives our clients' confidence that their equipment really is as clean as it looks after being cleaned by Pure Wheelchairs.

Liz (right) is our Administrative Assistant, looking after bookings, customer service and invoicing. Liz brings with her a wealth of knowledge and lived experience in the disability sector, having worked as a Support Coordinator and Recovery Coach, and is also a full-time wheelchair user. Liz regularly contributes to our blog and is passionate about naturopathy and medical history.

Caring for you by providing the highest level of cleaning and customer service is what we are all about. 

Wheelchairs are a very personal item, and we feel privileged to be able to provide you with excellent service in your home or wherever is most convenient to you.

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Contact Us

Our Service Areas

We can come to you at home, a clinic, nursing home or school to make cleaning your gear as easy and hassle free as possible.
We require a space to work (preferably undercover) and access to a mains powerpoint (no extension cords or power boards) within 15m of that space.
We service the Greater Sydney Region, including Wollongong, The Central Coast and Newcastle.

Outside of those areas? Give us a call and we'll see what we can do.

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Why Dry Steam

  • Only 5% humidity at a temperature of 170 degrees celsius in the boiler. 

  • Clinically proven to kill 99.9% of all pathogens, including Covid-19 and is a very effective, chemical free method of cleaning and sterilising.

  • Proven to break through bio-films and destroy the bacteria living within them. Biofilms are sticky films (sometimes microscopic) that develop on surfaces. They are generated by bacteria to create a perfect breeding ground and are resistant to many conventional forms of cleaning.

  • Your equipment is usually dry and ready to use within minutes of us completing the job.

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Business to Business

We are on a mission to make the regular cleaning of wheelchairs and mobility devices accessible and hassle free for all wheelchair users. 

If you operate a clinic, charitable organisation, hospital, group home, nursing home or school- we would love to chat about opportunities to connect and partner with you so that your clients can enjoy feeling clean and fresh in their chair all the time, not just on special occasions. 

We also have B2B partnership opportunities for all businesses in the disability sector. We want to connect with you so please get in touch.

Rehabilitation specialist helps a guy in a wheelchair to do exercise on decompression simu
Pure Wheelchairs (Facebook Cover) (1).png

Quality and Experience

Scroll through these images to see examples of our work.

What Clients Say

"Highly recommend! Kate made my son’s chair look brand new again! She is very is kind and understanding. It was a wonderful experience!"

Pure One


The Pure One range of cleaning products has been developed with cleaning industry experts, for use on your mobility equipment at home, in between deep cleans.

These 2 simple to use products give you all the benefits of the latest enzyme cleaning technology to tackle food, milk, urine, sweat and all kinds of organic spills. This is next-generation technology cleaning with a blend of 5 active enzymes that digest the bacteria and proteins within the stain.

Australian made; 100% natural; eco friendly and safe for use around pets and children.


You can clean up spills, prevent stains and odours, and beat bacteria with these brilliant new products.

Perfect for all kinds of upholstery, carpet, fabric, seats, cushions.

A Pure One maintenance kit is now supplied with every deep clean to ensure you can enjoy the feeling of a clean, fresh chair everyday.

Always follow instructions on the label. Not for use around electrical components.

Boccia NSW State Titles

Pure Wheelchairs is a proud supporter of the Boccia NSW State Titles. Watch the full documentary now!

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